Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing - Personalising your printing

Variable Data Printing lets you print letters, leafets, documents or self adhesive labels with different information on each one.

Text, images, QR Codes, barcodes, names and addresses can change on each item allowing you to personalise and focus your printing accurately.

Variable Data Printing can be incorporated in many different ways:

With Direct Mail, the best response from customers is through personalised marketing which use variable data. By using variable data, you are sending a personalised message to each customer, rather than the same message to all customers.

Variable Data Printing can also be used for full colour personalised newsletters, vouchers, product manuals, wine bottle labels and other printed material from data varied for geographic location, age, gender, income bracket and other relevant information.

In industry, Variable Data Printing can be used to personalise staff handbooks, business cards, reports, headed paper, policies and other documents to make them relevant to each employee.

Overall, Variable Data Printing increases your response rates and reduces your overall print volume, thereby optimisiing your marketing budget.

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Variable Data Printing

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