Re-Cycled Paper


Be friendly to the environment with our range of re-cycled and biodegradable papers and boards.

Our re-cycled and biodegradable paper is the latest addition to our range of papers offering the ultimate in environmental credentials. Our paper is manufactured from 100% recycled fibre (other grades are available) and offers outstanding consistency with an excellent sheet formation. With its high white shade, high bulk and exceptional opacity, our re-cycled paper is the perfect choice for general commercial printing for all kinds of books, leaflets, brochures, inserts, letterheads, folders and annual reports.

Our re-cycled products are available in uncoated, gloss and silk, it provides the same visual and mechanical performance as 100% virgin fibre papers and offers excellent environmental attributes.
Please enquire for more details and prices.

Re-Cycled and Biodegradable Papers are readily available - ask our sales team for re-cycled papers to suit your requirements.

Products such as booklets and leaflets can be printed on recycled and biodegradable paper and are ideal for environmentally friendly mailshots.  Some label materials are also available in recycled or biodegradable ranges.