Domed Labels

We provide a wide range of resin domed labels, domed badges and domed stickers. Brilliant full colour print definition with precision applied polyurethane resin turns a lifeless flat vinyl label into an aesthetic branding tool of any shape or size.

Very robust and hard-wearing, domed labels can be used indoors or outdoors and possess a variety of features which help make them one of the most long-term cost-effective solutions for marketing your brand on your product.

Domed Label Features

Our domed labels & domed badges are manufactured to last and are capable of surviving in even the most hostile of environments where they still look great! Once applied, you can rely on the rugged nature of the materials used to provide many lasting attributes:

    • Shatter-proof
    • Scratch-proof
    • Colourfast
    • Range of adhesives
    • Water resistant
    • Detergent proof
    • Non-yellowing
    • Indoor/Outdoor use
    • UV Stable