Asset / Inventory Labels

Asset and Inventroy labels have many benefits over other equipment marking systems available.

They can help in the prevention of equipment theft, they can also help reunite the equipment with the owner when recovered.  They are also extensively used for logging in an asset register for location and auditing as and when necessary.

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Our Asset Labels are available in a variety of materials depending on the purpose and are available SEQUENTIALLY NUMBERED, SEQUENTIALLY BARCODED, or manufactured using STATIC NUMBERS and BARCODES.

Vinyl labels are generally used for low value items and are provided with a permanent adhesive and also are gloss over-laminated to protect the label.

Polyester labels are also used for low/middle value items but are generally used in higher temperature applications and are also gloss over-laminated to protect the label.

VOID tamper evident materials are used to provide evidence of the label being altered in some way.  When the label is removed or repositioned, the word ‘VOID’ is left on the asset and removed from the label, making it obvious the label has been tampered with.  These labels are gloss over-laminated.

Ultra DESTRUCTIBLE materials may be used for the ultimate asset label.  They are supplied with a very powerful adhesive and is impossible to remove in one piece since it will break into small pieces if anyone tries to remove it, making them a great theft deterrent and also discouraging unauthorised asset transfers.

Our asset labels are generally available in two standard sizes:  
50 x 25mm and 40 x 20mm, although other custom sizes are available upon request.  Please see our Stickers on Rolls for other label materials.

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Please Note: Like all adhesive labels, to ensure adequate adhesion, it is very important to ensure that any contaminates such as oil, grease and dirt (including fingerprints) are removed before applying the label.  Once in position, although the initial tack will be quite strong, full adhesion will occur after the adhesive has had time to fully cure - typically within 48-72 hours.   

Asset & Inventory Labels

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