Parcel Tape

Printed packaging tape provide a range of benefits from one purchase

  • You seal the box
  • Your pack is tamper evident
  • You advertise and promote your company name
  • You provide re-order information right down to your customers warehouse, where the re-ordering process starts
We print the full range of packaging tape and so can supply all sectors of the market from high speed automatic packing lines to the smaller hand sealing operations.

Widths available:
12mm/ 19mm / 24mm / 48mm / 72mm / 96mm / 144mm

Lengths available:
66m / 132m / 330m/ 990m / 1056m

We can print any special size upon request.

  • In house artwork and reprographics studio
  • Competitive leadtime 10-14 days
  • Capacity to print on to vinyl pvc, hotmelt polypropylene, low noise polypropylene, solvent polypropylene, gummed paper tape, non adhesive polythene, laminated tape, laminated and perforated tape, heavy duty tape, superwhite vinyl pvc tape.
  • Up to 3 colours
  • BSRLA Label Printing Association

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